Sheer inspiration on 532 pages (iPhone version)

For those who do not know of Peter Lik he is likely the most successful and skillful landscape photographer of our time and have a string of galleries across USA and in Australia where he is from. I first saw his work on a visit to his gallery in Cairns, Australia when I voyaged round the world in 2003. I was very impressed then and I remain so of his work today. His work is truly inspirational and top notch.

At first the interface felt a tad tedious, only to realize that it gave me the large format print size feel on my iPhone. Yes, in fact it felt so. I mean.. first each page shows a book page spread at smaller size than the iPhone screen, click a button that gives option to read text or zoom page to full screen size and to zoom in further... just to realize that this is the way I would look at his images printed in a gallery, first full size... then walk in closer and look at details and parts of image, read text, step back again...

Add together the text written to many of his images, and the chapter text, this app is a true inspiration and has been great on my daily commute. The iPhone version has 532 full spreads and I have been through all of them by end of today. Time to re-start, will read it again... gaze at his images like in a gallery on my tiny display . Nothing short of sheer and true inspiration with so many excellent images from his work. It also lends itself well to teach from his images in how he sees, and as such feels like a tremendous resource.

I can warmly recommend it.