I'm considering trading a user camera with a member here in France with a different user camera.

I'm not concerned with the trader, we've both traded with similar folks here, but I have a question on customs on taking a user camera from France.

I'm concerned that even though he will be labeling it as a gift, and maybe even wrapping it, that somehow someone in customs might think it is worth more than it is, despite the worn cosmetics, and some non functioning elements.

What's the risk here? If it's minimal, or likely to be a reasonable fee (< $25 ish or so) I can probably deal with it.

On ebay, or the classifieds on forums, these user cameras would probably be valued at $150 to $200.

Also, are there any considerations I need to do while shipping my user camera to him from the US to France? I'm thinking USPS Intl. Air/Priority Mail?