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Thread: getting into the groove again

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    getting into the groove again

    Last evening I scanned another roll of film I put through the M4-2.

    Film and digital are two entirely different recording mediums. A 100% manual camera with no in-camera meter is different in use than any camera with a built in meter, and any camera that has auto-exposure. Never mind auto-focus.

    Scanning this roll was easy ... my exposures are back on point, I didn't need to change the scanner settings off the defaults I set up even once. Focus is back on point. Because of that, scanning 36 exposures took only an hour and forty-five minutes. That's not bad, about as fast as the Coolscan V can go with strips of four.

    But what's exciting is that I'm beginning to see in this medium again. The tools are bone simple, the medium is heavily constrained*and has little latitude: it's all about the image.

    That's where I want to be. :-)

    I'll do whatever it takes to bring my digital capture work into the same space.

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    Re: getting into the groove again


    This sounds very therapeutic. I am on a different path for now, working hard with Lumix, ignoring so much other lovely equipment. But, that will make it just that much sweeter when I do return to it.

    Thanks for sharing your direction.


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