Hi guys, CameraSize.com developer here. I've just finished developing (almost completely finished) a new camera size comparison tool that will join the first tool that we've launched a few months ago.

The cool thing about the new tool (called "Camera Compact Meter"), is that you can compare the size of multiple digital cameras side by side. The first version allowed you to compare only two, however it give more detail information about the differences, while this one is more about the visuals.

There are a very nice features available for you, to control the UI. Here's an image that explains all the features:

The nice thing about this new webapp is that you can share a specific comparison. This is done by generating a short link (button at the bottom), and this will lead others to the same comparison (same cameras), and even the same order that they were sorted (ie. from the smallest to largest, in terms of width).

I really hope to hear you thoughts and get your feedback, because it will really help to make the site better.

Best Regards,

CameraSize.com Developer.