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Thread: 30% Cashback via

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    30% Cashback via

    Microsoft's program is offering 30% cashback for Ebay "Buy It Now" purchases made using PayPal. For example, you can get a Canon G10 for $350 or a Panasonic LX3 for $300 (before shipping).

    Basically, this is a Microsoft program to get people using search. If you click on a sponsored Ebay ad on a search, use the "Buy It Now" option, pay using Paypal, and register with Microsoft, they (Microsoft) will send you 30% cashback (up to $200 maximum cash back per purchase) after 60 days. It sounds like a lot, but I just used it to buy a compact, and it was relatively quick and painless. Hopefully I'll get my cash back .

    I gave more specific instructions using the LX3 as an example here on the Serious Compacts blog.
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    Re: 30% Cashback via

    I've used this service 3 times now and enjoy the savings, so far $211 coming back.

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