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Thread: A Book Review!

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    A Book Review!

    Courtesy of Mark Roberts, my own very first book review ... :-)

    Am I just a wee-bit over enthused or what? ;-)


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    Re: A Book Review!

    this book review is sympathetic and, as an overview and introduction, decent. But your photos deserve a much closer look. You know what I mean because several times I've tried to come up with a reading. (I have added some to your photos in flickr.)
    Here, in your new book, every single photo wins by the thoughtful compilation of the whole. Most of these photos, when I saw them one after the other, already subliminally referred to each other, though mainly, I let them impress me in their individual importance. Now this cross-fertilization between the single and the whole has attained a new level.
    Unfortunately, I am slow in detecting and collecting the ideas your photos cause in my mind, and clothing them in words of the English language is a painful process for me. So I have to confine myself to occasional remarks. Your photos however do work in my mind; I remember one morning when I got up, and what crossed my mind as the first event of that day was an idea of an interpretation for one of your photos I had seen the day before without being able to make sense of it.
    I wish you many open-minded "readers" coming up with many sharp-minded readings.

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