Went to SF yesterday to go shopping with Felipe, and decided to take along the Leica CL that showed up last week just in case. Stuck in a roll of XP2 Super, put the M-Rokkor 40mm II on the camera, stuck the M-Rokkor 90mm in the bag along with a spare roll of film.

Loading the CL is just as fussy as I remembered it. :-)

Now I also remember why I always thought this was a near-perfect kit. Just the right size and weight, so handy, just the right FoV choices for 90%. Add the Skopar 21mm and finder: there's the other 10%.

I didn't do too much shooting, hard to do that with someone else along who isn't a photographer, but it was fun when I did. Kept laughing—hard to remember that I had to wind the film to the next frame, and that I couldn't change the ASA setting when it became darker. But it is SUCH a nice camera to work with.

Leica: Make a digital CL with three lenses, just like this. The sensor in the X2 would be fine. Compact 14mm f/4, 28/2, 60/2.8 lenses tailored for it would be fine too. Keep it simple, keep it handy. It can be done, you can do it.