Hi all Ė

It looks as if I am going to be the family scanner for images, and Iím looking for some good resources to read , tips and pointers. I have access to a Nikon Coolscan V ED, and it looks like over forty-years of B/W & color negatives, Ektrachrome and Kodachome to scan.

I think Iíve got a workflow laid out and I know a good portion of the work will come post scan in both color correcting images from the 60ís, 70ís and 80ís and for the b/w images from the 50ís and 60ís, adding contrast as well as trying to nail down relevant metadata for the images from my parents and in-laws.
Iíve got three major question areas:

How best to clean old source material
In some cases, the negs and chromes have been well taken care of, but at a glance there are number of mildewed images that Iíve got little idea how to clean. Iíve ready PEC-10 is good, but then Iíve read rubbing alcohol is ok. Iím not at all clear on my options Ė if any. My thinking for slides was to strip the cardboard mount, clean the image and remount in a glass-less plastic mount for the real Ďkeepersí I might findÖ. For negatives I was going to get some carriers from Light Impressions or something to store them in.

Just where does one buy a scanner today
I was thinking I would just bite the bullet and get a Nikon Coolscan 9000 but I canít find one in stock anywhere. So looking at other scanner options it seems as if just about any model I can find a decent set of specs on it on back order, or else discontinued according to the manufacturerís website. Iíd love to think there is a wave of new scanners coming out, but Iím guessing my best bet is to stick with the Coolscan V I have access to Ė I canít find much wrong with it, other than it seems to be a middle-of-the-road scanner.

Color correction Ė plug-ins, or manual?
Playing with some of demo plug-ins from Kodakís Applied Science Fiction they seem to do a great job without much twiddling, yet other times they miss completely. Any suggestions on plug-inís, or should I just rely on setting the white-balance?
Iím sure none of these are simple or even straight forward answers, but after spending time in a couple different search engines Iíve not found anything good advice wise to work with so am hoping someone here has some pointers/suggestionsÖ


-- M.