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Thread: The 11am Project. August 21st, 11am.

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    The 11am Project. August 21st, 11am.

    Hi all. I thought it might be fun to do a non-competitive project together on August 31st.

    The Project: 11am.

    What is the 11am Project? It’s an attempt to get a glimpse of the world at one time of day, everywhere. A website will be set up so we can all enjoy the submitted images.

    Let’s show everyone what 11am looks like on August 31st. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, share an image. Whether you’re on vacation, gardening, mountain climbing or just walking the city, take a picture as close to 11am as you can and share it. Have your main camera or just a cameraphone, no problem. Snap it and submit it.

    Some may try to be at a specific place at the appointed time (probably me) to capture a unique image. Others may just pull the car over and take a picture of what’s around. Some may be watching their kids play a sport, others relaxing at the beach. Enjoying an early lunch, no problem. Whatever it is, take a picture and share it.

    I chose 11am as the sun shouldn’t be too harsh in most areas, anything closer to Noon would get nasty fast, and it’s not too early so you can get to where you want to shoot without waking up at an ungodly hour.

    There will be NO JUDGING, no prizes, no awards. Instead this is being done to allow all of us to see, and enjoy, what the world looks like at a certain time of day.

    Please take your image as close to 11am as possible. A few minutes either way is fine, 2 hours later is not.

    Time: 11am on Saturday August 31st. Your local time.
    Where: Wherever you are.
    What: Anything you find interesting at that time.

    How do I submit my photo?

    It’s so easy. Just submit it via this form: The 11am Project

    Image must be taken as close to 11AM on August 31st as you can.
    Max Size: 1000 on the longest side.
    Max File Size: 300k
    It’s that easy.

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    Re: The 11am Project. August 21st, 11am.

    You might want to correct the subject heading. 21 s/b 31.

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