I noticed a blob in all my pictures yesterday and since I was on an extended vacation didn't have anything with me to help. The cameras own dust elimination system would not budge it.

Went to the local camera store and they didn't do cleaning and had nothing to sell. There is a Leica store in downtown Florence and I made the walk over to see them (about my Olympus EM-1). They didn't clean sensors but were kind enough to call the local Nikon repair shop and ask them if they would help. After a brisk walk across town I reached Tecias (the Nikon repair facility) twenty minutes before they closed. With my very, very limited Italian (really just bad English) I explained my problem and they took pity on me and fixed it immediately with a smile.

Just wanted to publically thank both the Florence Leica store and Tecias. If there any locals around that would like to copy this to them please do so. They made my vacation a happier event and should be commended for their great service.

Jim Maher