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Thread: Fourth of July 2014

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    Fourth of July 2014

    Polaroids are magical. I brought the new Polaroid SLR670m and the iPad mini to a party. Shot one pack of Impossible SX-70 Color and made 12 videos of fireworks.

    All but one of the Polaroid shots were great, although I have a problem with some being a bit too dark. Might be a problem with the flash unit ... I'm going to talk to MiNT about it.

    But the thing that makes Polaroids magical is that as soon as you take it out, people crowd around and WANT to have their picture taken. Even if they have to way a half-hour to see the photos, and even if the photos by comparison to even the poorest stuff I have ever shot with the Sony A7 and Summilux-R 50mm lens looks like it was made with a Coke bottle bottom fitted to a Holga, they love it. It's truly astonishing how people react to Polaroids.

    The iPad mini did amazingly well on videos of the fireworks!
    Fourth of July 2014 - Fireworks!

    Enjoy, I hop you all had as good a day yesterday as I did! :-)


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    Re: Fourth of July 2014

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