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Thread: Time to use the camera...

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    Time to use the camera...

    But which one?

    I'm off to Hawaii for a week. Now out of all the wonderful cameras, which to carry...

    Easy. Just grabbed the Sony A7 bag with Elmarit-R 24, Summilux-R 50, and Summicron-R 90. Tossed in iPad mini, chargers, spare cards. Done.


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    Re: Time to use the camera...

    There is a good choice of lenses there.

    For years I carried an OM4, 21mm/40mm/100mm.
    Used the 40 and 21 a fair bit and the 100 much less so.
    In a carefully chosen bag you would have a small kit capable of doing so much.

    Add a portable tripod and stitching gets you wider too! maybe not, travel light.

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