After reading about this project from several places, I decided to opt in with a pre-order ... Light L16 camera

There have been a couple of popular computational photography efforts so far, most notably the Lytro (which seemingly hasn't gone very far). For reasons I can't put my finger on entirely, this one looks like it might be a winner. Something about the video reminds me of the Polaroid SX-70 introduction: Taking the barriers out from between photographer and photograph ... by using high technology to provide a simple user experience with a sophisticated camera/imaging system.

Anyway, I figured it's a gamble but not a big one. $1300 won't break the bank. If it works well, I'll enjoy it. Should ship Summer 2016 sometime so I have plenty of time to puzzle over it. I'll just shoot some more Polaroid SX-70 until it's available.. :-)