Well my dealer called and I am being sent my 24 lux. I am getting a better price then the 6 grand most dealers are selling it for. I have been doing buisness with ken Hansen for 28 years and Ken takes care of me when he can. I buy what ever I can from him, mostly Leica. He is no longer a canon dealer for my Canon stiff I but from Ronerts Imaging. Generally my prices are lower then the bigger dealers. As Jody at Roberts and Ken Hansen know I will get what I can from them. I may not get it as fast as some generally a week or two later then the 1st shipments of a line. But the price will be good and I know if there is a problem they will make it go away. the point is find a dealer to work with and in the long run you will be better off then jumping from place to place. PS I ahve a 28 cron and a 50 cron to sell now. But I will put that in the for sale section. David