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Thread: Who do you use? - Professional Insurance for you Wedding Photography Videography

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    Who do you use? - Professional Insurance for you Wedding Photography Videography

    Who do you use? Which insurance company do you use for you wedding photography and / or videography business?

    I am looking for General Liability.

    What is the average yearly premium range in $?


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    Re: Who do you use? - Professional Insurance for you Wedding Photography Videography

    I won't ever do a wedding because it's insane but I know there is specialized coverage for non-performance or generally messing up the shoot. IDK the details.

    I have a general liability and equipment coverage for professional photography even though I am retired from commercial work. I think it's a $1m liability and $30k of gear for $500/year. It's bundled with our homeowners through Nationwide. Thank goodness the relative cost of gear has decreased, 20 years ago I had a $100k because computers, strobes, Hasselblads were expensive.

    Earlier I had business insurance through one of the specialty photographer's insurance companies but didn't see the benefit, it had coverage for things I did not need. You may be different.

    But we also have an additional liability policy on top of our homeowner's insurance since you can be sued for lots of non-photographic things.

    Our last (only) claim was very professional, prompt and realistic through Nationwide but it was for a flood, not a lawsuit. Straight forward and simple per the contract. The best part was they didn't cancel us afterwards, unlike a lot of lousy insurance companies.

    Prior we had Amica, supposedly a well regarded insurer. A "friend" fell on our property while I was photographing. We were on good terms and I provided aid and maintained a good relationship afterwards. However after six months we were served with a $2.5 million dollar lawsuit for pain and suffering because of my neglect (but it was gravity!) We only had homeowners, not a photographer's policy. But we had to lawyer up to battle our own insurance company because they wanted to weasel out of it because I still had business cards with "photographer" on them even though I haven't filed a photo business tax return in years, no paid shoots or income other than selling a few prints. Admittedly it was a grey area and they're going to do anything they can to avoid paying out. Obviously the $2.5 million claim was BS but it still cost me the equivalent of a Phase One to settle.

    So grudgingly get insurance. The freaking UPS delivery person could slip while delivering your new camera and bingo, a lawsuit against you both as a photographer and as a homeowner.

    It's perverse. When the sleaze bag personal injury lawyer finds out you have a certain policy then they attack that. If they know you're broke and can't pay them then they won't bother suing. But if they know you have money, coverage, etc. then they figure they can go after you and snatch 5-10% of your net worth for their trouble. It's complete and utter BS. I'm sure somebody will chime in to tell how wrong I am, how lawyers protect people and how I've got a point incorrect but IDFC. Birdie emoji!

    When I'm dead and roaming around the depths of Hell I'm going to poke, prod and eviscerate every G-D lawyer and insurance person I can find and I know I'm going to be a very busy guy.
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