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Thread: Schools out / Vacation Plans

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    Schools out / Vacation Plans

    I know that time of year again the kids are out of school and we are still working. Society has this all backwards, we should be on vacation instead. LOL

    Always fun to see where folks are planning to rest there brains and maybe take some nice shots along the way.

    Me NY but it's work and Vacation San Diego, I just can't keep my wife and kids off the beach. i would like to do something more exotic been saying that for 20 years, obviously not happened yet.

    But next week Northern Arizona with a bunch of great members so for me my happy spot.
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    Re: Schools out / Vacation Plans

    There are few consolations of old age, but one of them is not to have to have your holiday either
    1. with your kids or
    2. in the school holidays

    so, we're off to Crete again for the first two weeks of September

    these were last years pictures

    Crete September 2008

    . . . and we're off to Cornwall next week to look after the house and do some quiet work (and take some pictures and go to the beach )
    Week after it's off to Baku for a work trip, but we're hoping to get a day in the old town
    Week after that it's a wedding in Holland.

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    Re: Schools out / Vacation Plans

    In a few weeks it's off to the Dolomite mountains (Italy, near the Austrian border) for me and the spouse, hiking and photographing. Pasta for dinner, apple streudel for dessert!

    It's nothing to do with summer vacation, either (no kids). We go most places off-season, but in high mountains it's summer or nothing if you want to go hiking on the high trails...


    P.S. Guy, have you been to Torrey Pines State Reserve just a little north of San Diego? (Assuming it's still open with the budget crisis, which I don't know.) It's a mildly interesting place for photography, with twisty rare trees and eroded bluffs over the ocean.

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