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Thread: The fightback begins here

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    The fightback begins here

    A campaign by the British Journal of Photography may be of interest to others here
    you do your bit here

    Have to confess I haven't done mine yet.

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    Re: The fightback begins here

    Warning very political:

    The simple meaning of "terrorism" is the systematic use of terror as a means of coercion. To me a form of terrorism is any (illegal) act that stops me from doing what has been lawful in the past. It's a means of making a public afraid to assemble in a crowed area, it's also an act whereby we loose certain freedoms in the general name of public safety. If we continue to be afraid of airports and flying "they win". If we think twice about getting on a cruse ship "they win". If our elected officials continue to pass knee jerk laws and regulations "they win". It's about time we re-grow the set of cojones we lost shortly after 9-11 and tell "them" we will not be intimated, nor will we continue to cower in the dark.

    This comes from a person that till October 2003 spent his entire adult life working for the United States Federal Government and sadly to say spoke with one of the 911 operators from Pennsylvania on September 11th.

    It's time we tell our elected officials to get off their butts and prosecute the war against terror as it should be fought.


    David - Thank you for the link.
    Don Libby
    Iron Creek Photography
    Tucson AZ

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