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Thread: Portable flatbed scanner

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    Portable flatbed scanner


    I'm interested in trying the DIY scanning-back large format setup I've seen around various websites, but most of the details I've seen have been regarding the image optimization stage, rather than construction.

    What seems most common for this build is a studio approach: lots of detail in a controlled environment. Since I would be using this for landscape, I need a portable scanner (that doesn't require a wall-mount) - ideally one that is battery-powered, or that can work off a laptop.

    Does anyone know of a flatbed scanner of this sort?
    - self/laptop-powered
    - preferably light (~1-2kg) for ease of mounting
    - minimum 1200dpi, preferably 2000dpi.

    If battery-powered, then it would also require the ability to write the scan file to a storage device, like USB or SD card.

    I've already talked to various tech stores in the area, but haven't quite found the ideal option yet.


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    Re: Portable flatbed scanner

    Canon has the LIDE series that works off the USB port. It is very compact and quite good.

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