Looking for a suitable lens support for a Hasselblad 350mm 5.6 tele-tessar mounted via adapter on a Contax 645 with a MFDB. The lens does not have a collar or tripod foot. The whole system weighs about 3.5kg

One solution I like is this Bogen/Manfrotto 293 telephoto lens support for big lenses that don't come with a collar... but the specs say it is only rated to carry a maximum weight of 2.5kg so it may not or may be strong enough to support my system?

So would like to hear from anybody who has experiences with this Manfrotto 393 system as to whether you reckon it is sturdy enough to handle this MF MFDB telephoto combo and/or any suggestion for a similar type of system that can do the same job with a bit heavier weight and doesn't cost and arm or a leg (no pun intended)