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Thread: Question for Mirex tilt shift adapter users

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    Question for Mirex tilt shift adapter users


    I have a Mirex (Canon EF lens mount/Sony E mount) tilt shift adapter.

    Does anyone know how to shift vertically when the adapter foot/support is attached to the tripod plate?

    I can only shift left and right.


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    Re: Question for Mirex tilt shift adapter users

    I'm not sure I fully understand your question...

    But the Mirex (the HCam Master TS), as far as I can see, only shifts along one axis. In reference to the tripod mount, at least. You can rotate the tilt/shift mechanism in the ring that mounts to the tripod plate so that you can have either vertical shift or horizontal shift. Then there's a second rotation to set the orientation of the camera body.

    If you're having trouble finding it, start at the "foot" of the tripod mount. Trace that piece of metal up to where it attaches to the adapter. You should see that it makes a large ring. There's a set screw. Loosen the set screw and you should be able to rotate the shift mechanism into a variety of orientations.

    Hope that helps!

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