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Thread: The Switch to m4/3 (GH1)

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    The Switch to m4/3 (GH1)

    I have left behind my first camera, a Nikon D50, in the attempt to make the switch to a GH1. I made this decision with the intention to begin a relationship with video, a medium of which I know very little. I have over the past few days, however, become reticent; I do not wish to make any sacrifices in the area of photography, my first love.

    My alternative would be a D90, sticking with the Nikon system I am so familiar. Of course the D90 is no substitute for the GH1 when it comes to video, and so the purchase would be more for the maintenance of photographic integrity. I suppose my question to all of you is what exactly would I be sacrificing when it comes to photography when comparing the D90 to the GH1, if anything?

    Maybe this is all just a lame attempt at gaining some reassurance, but I'd like to feel a bit more comfortable before the big purchase.

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    Re: The Switch to m4/3 (GH1)

    Why not use the GH1 as a still camera for a few weeks and decide exactly how much you think you're giving up with M4/3 over Nikon crop for yourself?

    My personal take is you won't be giving up much in overall image quality, may give up a little in speed and high ISO performance, but will gain in size and the convenience of an all-in-one still/video option.


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    Re: The Switch to m4/3 (GH1)

    I wouldn't buy a GH1 now, until there's a clear fix for the lug strap problem that's identified on and a thread on this site. . . . Maybe I'm overreacting. I was all set to buy a GH1, but am glad that I read about the lug strap problem before buying. I love the m4/3 system, btw. I am barely using my Canon 5DII, and just sold my 5D (original). So, you may want to wait until Panasonic either comes out with a new camera or fixes the lug strap issue.

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