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  • Hello Jack
    Can you remove that sex-thing-thread under "Nudes...etc.."?
    I think it might scare people away from the site, and anyway annoying.
    KR Thorkil
    Hello Jack,

    If its not too much trouble, with reasons not disimilar to goesbang, could I please ask to change my username to "groovybug". Thank you kindly, Yashima
    Hi Jack,
    I hope this message finds you well. We're having a late snow dump here in Switzerland, so I'm packing gear to head out and shoot in the mountains!
    I have an admin issue I'd be grateful for some assistance on. The last couple of months, I've managed to acquire an online stalker/abuser. I won't bore you with details, but it's not fun. I'm getting abusive emails to both my personal and professional email addresses, quoting post of mine from the couple of forums I participate on.
    I'm using a couple of strategies to deal with it and one of them is to change my nickname on each forum, including yours. I've always used my own name in the interests of transparency, but this isn't working so well right now.
    The user CP doesn't allow me to change my nick, so I'm hoping it's possible at admin level. If you can do it, I'd like to go by "goesbang" if it's not already taken.
    I hope you can assist.
    Bryan Siebel
    I am so envious of your trip to Bryce and Moab. I just wish I had checked or I would have gone. Those were some wonderful photos of one of my most favorite places, any time of the year. Perhaps, next time.
    Looks good to me on my computer. If you are viewing on an iPad or retina, there can be some anomalies in how the images display. We are installing new code that is supposed to help with this.
    Hi Jack. I'm trying to post a photo on the tech cam images thread, and my images always look small! I followed the directions in the FAQ, and sized the image to be 1200 x 540, and when I preview the post the pic looks like a thumbnail!!!! What am I doing wrong? Dan Linbergs shots always look large and very professional on the thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Kevin
    Yes it works normally with the 70-200 VR. It won't mount to the 24 PCE, but will mount to the 85.
    Hello Jack,
    I have a question regarding the Nikon TC 14 II conversion . What does that actually achieve?
    Can I use it with a PC lens like the PCE 24?
    Also will it still work normally used with the 70-200 VR II ?
    Hope you're well and regards from Sydney!
    Hello Jack,

    I have noticed for the last few weeks that clicking on an email alert about a post that I am following does not take me to the last page as it used to, but most often to two pages before the most recent post. Has anyone else reported this? In any case, I wanted to let you know.

    For example, the link below took me to p. 33 of the thread, instead of the page where the image referred to in the same email actually is to be found:


    So Jack, any DF+ gems? I assume I should wait for the next version??? Iwd welcome your practical feedback on the DF+.


    Jack, I saw your post about the glass negatives of the 1906 SF earthquake. I'd like to find out more about the photographer/ and the person whom you printed the negatives for- I think I am in possession of the same plates.
    Hello jack
    First, congratulations for the great great forum i learn so much here.
    I am a photographer from Portugal, i have a H3D 22MP that i will sell this week for 4000usd, now i dont know what to do...its the D800 so good??? i love the DMF..
    But please tell me you opinion in base o image quality, to spend now 5000uds on a H3D ou go for the D800???
    I spend very time pixel peeping the d800 samples and i think that its very good, but its realy a camera changer? its true that are many photographer leaving the DMF? for the d800?

    Thanks and sorry my bad English...
    Hi Jack,

    I sent the payment for subscription a couple of months ago but have never received the response. I am wondering I am a subscriber now.

    Ahhh me again.
    Maybe I hve to ad that I used a friend HR-S 35 and HR-S 60 and was flabbergasted by their great image quality and easyness of finding accurate focus.

    thanks again,
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