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Thread: What mount is this Vivitar lens?

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    What mount is this Vivitar lens?

    Can't quite figure this out through searching, so I'll ask the forum!

    At a yard sale, I picked up a Vivitar 100-300mm 1:5.6-6.7 MC Zoom (1:4X Macro) just like the one here:

    I'm trying to throw this guy onto my GH1 but have no idea what kind of adapter to get for it as I can't figure out the mount. Anyone know?

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    Re: What mount is this Vivitar lens?

    The box for that lens says OM... so I would guess that it is an Olympus OM mount lens..

    However, Vivitar probably made that model with several different mounts. You can probably find the right one by image searching for what OM, FD, Nikon F, and Vivitar Camera lens mounts look like (assuming it has a bayonet mount) and then see which matches your lens.

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    Re: What mount is this Vivitar lens?

    take a a close-up of the mount on your lens, back and side, and share it here -- I may be able to help...

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