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Thread: For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

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    For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

    Having a decent chat in the other thread which has been fun and rewarding with the info.

    DOF of course, always a tough one.

    So working on the ideas to see if I can get the high ratios I got with the Sony CD-1000, Panasonic FZ10 and the Canon SX IS. Had to know if the 4/3 and G2 would carry on along the same lines.

    In short, it certainly can and I must say, with much better results. I've mixed it up with trying Iso 100 -Iso 400. I'll keep away from 400 and restrict the G2 to Iso 200 max. So it's all about learning whats possible and whats not. This is where you guys have been so helpful.

    All full frames with various lenses and settings and of course, what DOF.

    Closing in on the Lilly:

    Added Raynox to the 100 - 200mm


    Raynox again on the 100 -200mm


    DOF is always a problem with higher ratios and 55mm Pentax is added to the zoom lens


    So now we are starting to get into the higher ratios. On with a 55mm Pentax F/1.8 reversed in front of the 100 - 200mm lens.


    And fully maxed far Here set up as above but with the G2 set on the EZ mode


    Still new to 4/3, but it is one heck of a system with excellent macro possibilities. Plenty of work to go yet.

    All the best.


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    Re: For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

    Impressive macro work, Danny.

    Kind regards.
    Bart ...

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    Re: For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

    Good work. Really makes me want to try some macro

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    Re: For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

    Nice work Danny...may I know what is the magnification of each of the pictures?

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    Re: For the Marco-holics: The ratios and Pollen

    The second to last shot there would be around a 8:1 in 35mm slr equivalent terms. Close to it anyway. The last shot was with the EZ optical feature turned on. so would be around a 12:1.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong with the figures. I'm getting old and confused with the 4/3

    A reversed 50mm is a +20 dioptre while the Raynox is a +8.

    All the best and thanks folks.

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