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Thread: Alternative to HSS flash - mounting lenses with leaf shutter

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    Alternative to HSS flash - mounting lenses with leaf shutter

    I know that many people who shoot portraits with fill flash outdoors would like to shoot wide open and get really shallow depth of field. Though not everyone has the luxury of having High Speed Sync Flash. An alternative that many people use is ND filters, allowing them to shoot wide open or close to wide open while using flash at their maximum sync speed. Though this would be a little tricky in that you would need just the right density if you had a particular f stop in mind (unless you get the densest filter you can find and then raise your iso until you get proper exposure.)

    I was thinking an alternative way would be to obtain a lens with a leaf shutter eg a medium format lens. As most people know, flash can be used at any shutter speed if your camera lens has a leaf shutter. No need for ND filters in this case. And a nice thing about mirrorless cameras is that you can mount most lenses to them with adapters. I admit that the shooting procedure would be a little unusual. You would have to first off all open the camera's own shutter (preferably with a very slow shutter speed) and then fire the lens' leaf shutter and wait for the camera shutter to close.

    And obviously, you would need a lens with it's own threaded cable release socket though I'm not sure how many medium format lenses (if any) have that. I do have some lenses for my Koni Omega Rapid medium format camera (manufactured during the 60s / 70s) but if I recall, the shutter release on the Koni is located on the main camera body and not the lens. I believe that a number of large format lenses have their own cable release socket, right? Though I don't think large format lenses have a traditional lens mount as far as I'm aware. Don't you attach them to the camera body with some kind of tool?

    Though how would you sync the flash with the leaf shutter rather than the camera's shutter? That's what I'm unsure about.

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    Re: Alternative to HSS flash - mounting lenses with leaf shutter

    The lenses for the Mamiya RB67 have leaf shutters, don't they, and they are fully mechanical and have a shutter release contact.

    Mamiya RB67 - - The free camera encyclopedia

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