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Thread: Street Photography in Analog

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    Street Photography in Analog

    Some notes on a not so famous street photographer from Japan, his name is Jun Abe and I don't know if you guys have heard of him. Here are the 2 of his 3 books entitled Citizens and Kokubyaku.



    I am greatly inspired of his work, and also the great Gary W. and Trent Parke, that's why I have decided to start a thread on street photography here in our little film section in GetDPI. Mods please feel free to move the thread if found inappropriate under this section.

    NOTE: I am not a street photographer and this is not what I do, this thread was not formed to criticize the work of each other. So post any photos that you personally consider as a street photography that were captured using analog cameras. Come on guys lets stalk the streets!

    Here is my share:

    Leica M2 - Jupiter 12 - (Forgot the film) - Kodak D76; 1:1 @ 20
    Location: Binondo China town, the Philippines.

    Sorry for the signature. Can't find the original photo without the watermark.

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    Re: Street Photography in Analog replies at all?

    I will throw in an old shot of mine from two months ago then

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    Re: Street Photography in Analog

    A couple from summer Farmer's Markets . . . . .

    Farmer's Market ~ Portland, OR

    Leica MP with Elmar-M24mm f3.8 ASPH


    Farmer's Market ~ Port Townsent, WA

    Leica MP with Summilux-M 50mm f1.4 ASPH

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