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  • Hi Dan,
    I am not supposed to look at the B&S board as I am about to leave for a trip out-of-the-country tomorrow but I did anyway :D. Then I saw your FS thread for the 25mm Biogon and now I would like to make an offer. Of course, if we come to terms, I will pay you in full before I leave tomorrow. I would like to offer you $920.00 for it shipped but I can pay you using an echeck for a fee of $5 instead of 3%. You can wait until the echeck clears before shipping that lens to me, of course. I have been monitoring the price of that lens on that big auction site and there is one in the exact same conditions as yours complete with box and vented lenshood for $999 shipped. That's why my offer for $920.00, I hope you understand. I will be happy to give you the link to that auction page. Please let me know one way or the other.

    Thank you,
    Martin, sorry for not responding earlier, but I found this message under the 'User CP' link off the top menu bar. For what ever reason it did not go into the private message box.

    To answer your question, Yes, the Monza adapter is still tough to focus. The contax G 45 and 90 lenses both require patience to acquire a focus point on a subject. There is no smooth and easy roll of the wheel, like a focus ring on a lens barrel.

    I have queried Monza a few times and he was going to send me a part to replace. It has been a couple of weeks now and no part has arrived.

    I would really like to see the adaptors work with a smooth and easy focus capability.

    Anyway, sorry for the delay in responding. Let me know how you are making out with the adaptor.

    Thanks, Dan
    I am still having issues with tight focussing with thr Monza adapter.

    Are u experiencing any problems.

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