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Thread: Jobo Junior - well, sort of...

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    Jobo Junior - well, sort of...

    My son has mechanised a Rondinax 35 for me. There's only 150ml of chemicals in there, so the film is half-submersed. Continuous rotation of the knob is required and it gets a bit tiresome, so I asked him if he could adapt my spare tank. It actually works!

    I'll have to get him onto the 120 film version.

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    Re: Jobo Junior - well, sort of...

    Amazing! I wish I had a son as talented as yours....or that I had abilities like this myself. I bought a used Rodinax 120 a couple years ago, thinking I might get back into developing my own 120 B&W roll film. Haven't shot much 120 film lately and so I haven't tried it out yet.


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