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  • Hi Gary,
    Just saw your photos of the remains of a gold mine in Alaska.
    I have written a book on the history of money which has chapters on the Gold Rushes and gold mines and mining.
    There are over 4000 images in the book.
    All the best,
    Paul Tawrell
    Thanks for the note Paul, 384 pages….wow! I’ll have a look at it!


    I saw that you are looking for some Canon stuff for your new F1.

    My sister in law asked me to sell her F1 kit … camera, 50/1.4, 70-210 and something else wide but I can't remember.

    The stuff looks like it was never used. I tried the 70-210/4 on my A7R when a friend came by with the proper FD to E adapter … and was stunned by the results!

    If you have any interest, let me know what you'd be willing to pay.

    - Marc (fotografz) Williams
    I am interested in how you made out with mounting a Hasselblad 120mm macro on the D800 or similar Nikon. I would like to do the same thing, if you think it is worth it. Thanks. Michael
    Hi Gary. Yes, I'm a pretty dedicated film guy, but not a purist :). I must admit I'm tempted by the CFV-16. Very expensive, though.
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