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Thread: For the real film enthusiasts

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    For the real film enthusiasts

    If you think only processing the film yourself isn't enough, here's an option for you: Do your own film coating!

    Used 60" Acetate Film Roll Roller Coating Coater Line | eBay

    You would need a somewhat larger room than the average darkroom I suppose

    Location: Rochester, NY

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    Re: For the real film enthusiasts

    I met a fellow who used to work the coating lanes at kodak park.
    He explained why George Eastman decided to put the plant in Rochester.
    Only there, you could open the blinds and let the dark in.
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    Re: For the real film enthusiasts

    It reminds me of a visit to the Ilford factory. They have coating machines that are equally impressive, but my friend and I were excited by the small experimental rig they used. This small room, no bigger than a single car garage had a coating machine and all the things you could want. Just think (we thought) a small garage is all we need to start coating our own film, plus some home made equipment. But where did the coated film go when it went through that little slot in the wall we asked? So we went through another door and behind the slot in the wall was a machine as large as a truck for drying it! Doh!


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