At lunch time today, I went to a local shop to make som passport sized photos for a visa. I was told by colleagues that there is a shop with Kodak signs over the entrance just a few minutes from the office/factory where I spend my workdays. This is in a huge industrial area on the far outskirts of Bangkok, not a civilized area by any definition of the word.

While the photos were taken by the young woman who runs the business, I noticed that there were Kodak processing and printing machines in the same room and rolls of film on top of one of them. So I asked her how much she charges for processing. Processing without prints is 30 baht (1 dollar) she said, and scanning, presumably to Kodak Photo CD is 50 baht.

She probably only does C41 and I don't know the quality of her work or how often she changes chemicals, but at that price, I will certainly give it a shot. Now I just need to find more cheap film