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3rd June 2011, 14:47
Who has panoramas? Post them here! There is just one rule: the posted photo must be exactly 1200 pixels wide, including all trim! Landscapes, skyscapes, bodyscapes, everything is welcome, even carscapes!


4th June 2011, 01:45
Another carscape. Zeiss ZF.2 100/2 MP on Nikon D3 again, stitched with Photoshop CS4. I also use Autopano Pro, but these carscapes are made from two shots each, and don't need that treatment. After I have posted my best carscapes I will post some more demanding stitches:


4th June 2011, 02:30
A Mercedes SL300:


4th June 2011, 03:05
A classic Maserati, probably a Mistral:


4th June 2011, 04:24
A Jaguar XJK, I believe:


4th June 2011, 10:15
Another old Jag:


4th June 2011, 11:06
Jaguar E-Type:


4th June 2011, 11:07
Jaguar E-Type:


4th June 2011, 11:55
Another old Jaguar:


4th June 2011, 11:57
And another Mercedes 300SL:


4th June 2011, 12:32
A Bentley:


4th June 2011, 13:26
Classic Jaguar:


4th June 2011, 13:27
Mercedes sedan:


4th June 2011, 13:28
Rolls Royce:


4th June 2011, 13:29
Well, that's all for this series for now. These were all done with tripod and live view, with a Nikon D3 and the ZF.2 100 MP.

I hope to post some more traditional stitches soon. I also hope that someone else joins in with something else :)

4th June 2011, 13:56
I've only create a few panoramic photos......here are two of them. Both taken with a Canon 5D and the 24-105L lens.

These don't even come close to matching the quality of your automotive panos.....those are impressive!


Bird Point, Turnagain Arm, Alaska

Chugach Mountains and the Matansuska River, Alaska

4th June 2011, 13:58
Thanks a lot Gary, but I disagree: your shots are stunning! What don't you like about them?

4th June 2011, 14:31
Well, I realize it's like comparing apples and oranges.....but the detail in your automotive shots is really impressive, which seems lacking in the two images I posted. Perhaps it's the combination of the D3 and Zeiss 100 MP....I can only imagine how good the full resolution images must look!


P.S. The photo from Bird Point is always one I will remember because while I was there, a volcano about 50 miles in the distance erupted. We could see the grey cloud of ash heading our direction, so we quickly packed up our gear and hiked back to the trail head parking lot. By the time I got on the road, headed back for Anchorage, the ash was falling and I drove back to town in a blowing ash fall. No way to avoid it.

4th June 2011, 14:37
At this small a resolution, I am pretty sure that it is just the resizing and sharpening I do. If you are interested, I can post my basic strategy tomorrow for you to try out. I have to admit though that Zeiss lenses do have a certain clarity.

4th June 2011, 14:55
At this small a resolution, I am pretty sure that it is just the resizing and sharpening I do. If you are interested, I can post my basic strategy tomorrow for you to try out. I have to admit though that Zeiss lenses do have a certain clarity.

Thanks Carsten...I would really appreciate learning better ways to sharpen and re-size my photos for posting web sized images and I've always been impressed with the images you've posted here, so whatever you're doing, it is definitely worth a try on my part!


5th June 2011, 00:02
Okay, I am awake again. Here is my current approach (probably not optimal), which I have gleaned primarily from Samuli Vahonen and denoir over on FM. Basically, there are two steps, which are done alternatingly until the correct size is reached. I use Photoshop CS4, but other programs might work as well. I am not aware of any way to do this in Lightroom or Aperture, however.

0) process image for colour and everything else
1) sharpen
2) resize
3) if final size has not been reached, go to 1)
4) add frame

For sharpening, I use three tools: "Sharpen", "Unsharp Mask" (120/0.5/5) and "Smart Sharpen" (Basic/120/0.2/Gaussian Blur), and I view some detailed area of the image at full size, i.e. 100% (Cmd+1). I start by trying "Sharpen". If that is too much sharpening, I undo it and do "Unsharp Mask". If that is too much sharpening, I undo it and try "Smart Sharpen". The latter is so gentle that I sometimes need to apply it more than once to see any difference. Once I have stepped from "Sharpen" to "Unsharp Mask", I don't go back in the next steps. Once I have gone from "Unsharp Mask" to "Smart Sharpen", I don't go back in the next steps. In other words, I start with the largest changes, and progressively move to gentler sharpening until done.

The important thing while sharpening is to avoid over-sharpening. It can be hard to detect, but generally, the "Sharpen" and "Unsharp Mask" steps have a tendency to brighten edges, and if you see that, you have gone too far. The problem is that edges brightened in an intermediate step will tend to mix with darker regions and make the photo muddy, once resized.

I have tried various single-step algorithms, but have not yet found a way to get as much nice detail as with this method. Once you get used to it, it takes only a minute or so per photo. It seems like a bit of overhead, but compared to earlier, where I used to post more images of generally lower quality, I now post fewer, better images, and this fits in well with that.

The resize step is just the standard Bicubic, and I normally resize 61%, 64%, 68% or 74% in each step. I try to avoid even divisions (0.5, 0.66, ..) since that would tend to promote artifacts. The resampling which is forced by using an uneven size acts like a gentle AA filter, and is counter-balanced by the sharpening.

Here is an example process for one of my car panoramas (two shots side by side with 30% overlap):

0) process in Aperture, and Edit in CS4
1) "Smart Sharpen" twice with above settings (Sharpen and USM were too harsh)
2) resize to 68% (61% and 64% brought me to almost exactly twice the final size in the second-last step, so I switched to 68%)
3) "Smart Sharpen" twice (three times brought bright edges)
4) resize to 68%
5) "Smart Sharpen" once
6) resize to 68%
7) "Smart Sharpen" once
8) in this resizing step, I am at 1570 and want to go to 1170, so I type the value directly
9) "Smart Sharpen" once
10) add 15 pixel wide white frame, i.e. Canvas Size and add 30 to each dimension: 1170x468 -> 1200x498

Here is the photo without sharpening, with single-step resizing and "Sharpen" at the end, and with my process. If you open them in separate tabs and switch back and forth, you can see that the first one is soft, the second one is sharp, but has some artifacts and looks a touch harsh, and the third one looks better.




5th June 2011, 00:09
I am open to suggestions for improvements, by the way. This is only the best process I have found so far, and it is not perfect.

It seems like a lot of trouble, but it is a lot more work to describe than to do. Normally I am done in about 1 minute per photo. I simply open, try Sharpen, if too harsh switch to USM, if too harsh switch to Smart Sharpen, resize, etc. All quite fast. I use the available keystrokes for the important steps, i.e. Cmd+F applies the last selected filter which is super-useful, Cmd+Alt+I to resize, and Cmd+Alt+C to add the border (resize canvas).

It is probably possible to make a script which works most of the time, but I make more careful decisions when I do it step by step, so I haven't tried yet. As an example, for this particular photo, just resizing in one step and applying Sharpen actually worked quite well, and I would not have known that I could do better except by direct comparison with my usual process. For other photos that approach will not work at all.

One minor note: when working with very large panoramas, I might be more dramatic in the resizing steps, perhaps 54%. For heavily cropped normal shots, I might be more gentle, i.e. 68% or 74%. I am not certain that this is helpful, but that is what I currently do, and it appears to work well.

5th June 2011, 00:16
Another note about the "brightening" of lines. If you apply sharpening, you can then repeatedly press Cmd+Z to toggle between before and after that sharpening step. This helps to judge the effect. If there is a teeny tiny brightening of lines/edges, it is okay. Anything more than that, back the sharpening out and go to a gentler method, or skip sharpening for that step if "Smart Sharpen" is too strong.

8th June 2011, 13:47
A lot of silence around here, so I'll break it. Not my best shot, 50 MP, 6 shot stitch:


8th June 2011, 15:51
i'll play

8th June 2011, 22:08
Unusual composition, very interesting! Hasselblad back?

9th June 2011, 02:27
H39 at the time, pano, not a shift
I'll dig up some more panos; can you take a shift composition as well now that I am shooting both?

9th June 2011, 06:17
Sure, of course! There are no restrictions against perfect stitching :)

9th June 2011, 06:50
10 frame stitch from a rotation pano

9th June 2011, 10:19
I recognize that roof on the right! I recall a stunning shot of that you once took, with dramatic lighting crossing it.

9th June 2011, 12:16
this is the 160 degree view to the north of the Navy yard from the roof of the building containing my workshop...i get a lot of photos from around the Yard. If you peep closely, you might see a few locations from other shots. like that crane-barge with the red base

i printed this pano 8' wide; amazing details, absolutely amazing. shot with the blad 110 FE,

9th June 2011, 12:32
On my recent trip around the USA, I snapped a few sequences intended to be panorama-ized. This is the first one I put together ... it's nine frames stitched together quickly using Photoshop CS4. Original file is 10768x2330 pixels in size.

It gets kinda small and ribbony at only 1200 pixels wide so I linked the photo here to a 3000 pixel wide version. There's lots of detail in there!

http://homepage.mac.com/godders/roadside-panorama.jpg (http://homepage.mac.com/godders/roadside-panorama-3000.jpg)

9 frame stitch - Ricoh GXR + A12 28mm f/2.5

10th June 2011, 11:38
That panorama gives me a real sense of space! I have stopped over at such truck stops in my motorcycling days, and it brings back the feeling! Thanks for the link to the large version, I think that is a great way to handle the conflict between thread presentation and large versions.

13th June 2011, 06:23
Cross-posted from the boke panorama thread. I should have spent more time getting the right exposure. I will try to go back and rectify this.


13th June 2011, 12:47
7-shot stitch, D3 w/ 50MP:


21st July 2011, 09:59
On that last shot I spent a lot of time removing people, btw. It is a huge amount of work if it has to look perfect. Knowing the destination of this image (web :)), I didn't do a perfect job, but good enough. I might go back and spend more time getting a perfect panorama in-camera next time.

29th July 2011, 12:50
4-shot pano with the 100MP:


15th August 2011, 00:58
4-shot stitch, 100MP:


15th August 2011, 02:42
4-shot stitch, 100MP:


like this!

15th August 2011, 02:51
Thanks! I am thinking in hindsight I should have stopped down to f/4 and perhaps made a two-shot HDR for a bit more detail in the sky. I will try again...

15th August 2011, 06:13
3-shot stitch, 100MP, storm coming:


23rd August 2011, 11:45
One more 100MP two-shot panorama.


Jorgen Udvang
23rd August 2011, 14:30
Nice one, Carsten :)

23rd August 2011, 17:14
Thanks Jørgen! (or is it Jörgen? I know I asked once, but that was a long time ago :))

Jorgen Udvang
23rd August 2011, 19:14
Thanks Jørgen! (or is it Jörgen? I know I asked once, but that was a long time ago :))

Norwegians and Danes are Jørgen, Germans, Dutch and Swedes are Jörgen. Or are Germans only Jürgen? I seem to remember a childhood somewhere up in the snowy mountains of Norway :)

23rd August 2011, 21:53
Right! :) I am not German, but Danish, so I am not sure, but in the ten years I have lived here, I have never met a Jörgen, just Jürgen and Jörg.

27th August 2011, 11:58
3-shot panorama with the [email protected]:


27th August 2011, 13:17
3-shot 100MP stitch @f/2.8. Okay, 1200 pixels tall, not wide.


2nd September 2011, 13:09
This was meant to be a boke panorama. Maybe it will look like that printed large, but this small it doesn't. ZF.2 50MP @ f/4, 26 shots:


2nd September 2011, 13:27
Carsten, the cars are excellent.

2nd September 2011, 23:35
Thanks Uwe! Those are some time ago though :)

3rd September 2011, 02:34
Here is another panorama, this time [email protected]/2.8, 8 shots. This one is also not very bokeish, but printed large, would likely have this look. The 50MP has so much depth of field that I am beginning to feel that it is not the best lens for boke panoramas, unless I go very close.


3rd September 2011, 02:56
Another, a little closer, wide open, 50MP, 8 shots:


3rd September 2011, 03:13
Berliner Dom, Dämmerung. 50MP, f/2.8, 8 shots:


3rd September 2011, 13:12
[email protected]/2.8, 8 shots:


4th September 2011, 02:11
Gleisdreieck Station, 100MP, f/8, 4 shots:


8th September 2011, 12:36
[email protected]/5.6, surprisingly. 20 shots:


12th September 2011, 13:03
Here is a new one. [email protected]/5.6, 12 shots:


14th September 2011, 13:25
A redone version of the panorama a few posts up, this time with intact arches. 12 shots, 100 MP @ f/4:


15th September 2011, 12:38
[email protected]/3.3, 18 shots:


15th September 2011, 21:51
Something not in my urban passages project: A Study in Yellow :) [email protected]/2.8, 6 shots:


15th September 2011, 22:09
A late afternoon panorama of the Tempelhof buildings. [email protected]/4, 6 shots:


16th September 2011, 11:25
[email protected]/4, 4 shots:


16th September 2011, 11:25
[email protected]/5.6 6 shots:


18th September 2011, 09:31
Berliner Dom, [email protected]/5.6, 15 shots:


21st September 2011, 11:19
6 shots, [email protected]/2.8:


Quino Terceño
22nd September 2011, 02:54
Another, a little closer, wide open, 50MP, 8 shots:


Really, really nice.

22nd September 2011, 10:20
Thanks very much!

22nd September 2011, 11:52
Here is a 9-shot stitch of one of my favorite trees. [email protected]/2:


22nd September 2011, 12:57
Hmm, it occurs to me that not every stitch is a panorama. I will have to pay more attention in the future. I guess anything wider than 1.5:1 can be seen as a panorama, the more the better.

Another tree shot. 10 shots, [email protected]/4:


25th September 2011, 10:41
[email protected]/4, 4 shots:


I like this one best so far. Cool subject.

25th September 2011, 12:11
Thanks! I bought one of those kite strings for my daughter, but only with 30 kites on it (this one has 74, IIRC). She loved flying it and probably stood still for half an hour, just flying it. Unbelievable :)

1st October 2011, 11:16
From a few weeks ago. I got off on some construction tangent. [email protected]/4, 27 shots hand-held:


3rd October 2011, 10:13
Four shots. Only 40 MP...


3rd October 2011, 10:42
Nice moody sky with silhouetted skyline!

3rd October 2011, 11:48
Thank you, Carsten.

28th November 2011, 11:22
The PTGui stitching software used here is limited by a max width of 25000 pixels if you want to generate a natural size / full size panorama.

So this underlying linked 25 vertical frames pano was heavily downsized because it exceeded the limit. Still zoomable to some extent.

25 vertical frames in one row make a rather small strip at 1200 pixel width :)

© click for larger size (2.5 Mb)

http://bondo.be/z/a730_30B_8838.jpg (http://bondo.be/z/a731_30B_8838.jpg)
© • Nikon D300 • Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/50mm ZF • 1/40 sec. at f/8 ISO 200 • Capture NX • PTGui

16th December 2011, 10:46
Okay, I'll add one. This is the Taal volcano/caldera in Tagaytay, the Philippines.

http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc452/jcoffin01/TagaytayPanosmall.jpg (http://jcoffin.deviantart.com/#/d3cxd2w)

I've also linked to a larger version, but be warned: the large version is 18000 pixels wide, so unless you have a really fast connection, it may take a while to download.

26th December 2011, 06:34
It was quiet and peaceful this morning with soft light and fog outdoors. The canvas wrap I had made for my partner was hung yesterday, the holiday lights are up. What better time to make a photo of the living room for posterity?

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7021/6575714631_0526064eb9_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/gdgphoto/6575714631/)
Ricoh GXR-M + CV Skopar 21mm f/4
ISO 200 @ f/8 @ 1 second
9 frame composite panorama

(larger, 2000 pixel wide rendering) (http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7021/6575714631_99a5ccd68d_o.jpg)