View Full Version : Don't forget to set your cameras (all of them) to daylight savings time

12th March 2017, 14:26
Just a reminder. :)

Jorgen Udvang
16th March 2017, 03:34
Just a reminder. :)

That's when I cut a bit of one side of the camera and glue it on to the other side, right?

16th March 2017, 03:48
I think the whole DST concept is a waste of energy.

So just out of convenience I don't change it on my camera nor on my computer.

My phone (which triggers my alarm and determines the time in my calendar etc.) does it automatically.

Most of my clocks in the house are satellite driven, so also adjusted automatically.

So I have to spend very little effort to adjust to DST, but for me they can do away with it just as well.

16th March 2017, 04:38
I really don't care if my camera goes on daylight savings time or not. It just doesn't matter to me

25th March 2017, 14:16
It is tomorrow in Europe.