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12th February 2008, 09:38
Sometimes ya just gotta change things up...

Over the past few years of getting (back) into shooting, like others I've gone through a few iterations of digital hardware. Right now the shelf has a Leica D-Lux 3 which I am getting comfortable with, a Canon SD400 that has been a trusty pocket companion for a few years (and has taken some of my favorite macro shots oddly enough), a Panasonic FZ20 that hasn't gotten used as much as I thought it would, and a Nikon D70.

Truth be told I've shot more with the SD400, mostly because it is so small I tend to take it with me most everywhere, although the DL3 is taking some of that duty as of late. The FZ20 is great when I'm at the track and want to get shots of cars, but iq is weak imho. I've blown hot and cold with the D70. I love to shoot close up macro, and got a 105mm micro lens for it. I've never really *gotten* that setup though. I do have some beautiful shots with it though. But a "shoot off" between the Leica and Nikon the other day left me liking the shots from the Leica more.

While I've been moving more towards manual control, I confess that a lot of the time I shoot full auto. Heresey I know, but more times than not I get what I'm seeing. And I'm lazy and often snapping away without thinking much.

At any rate, the bottom line is I've got the D70 and 3 lenses up for sale (have the kit lens and a Tokina 12-24 zoom). If you were in my shoes, what would you be considering as a replacement? I like the DL3, but there are some times I would like a bit more sensor size for low light and really good macro. I'm thinking that some sort of IS will be key, as I *never* use a tripod when I shoot macro (one shortcoming of the D70 I think).

Since existing glass seems to influence purchases in the dslr camp, if you were starting from scratch what would you look at? I have to admit that weather proof stuff is attractive. I'm also trying to stay on a budget, so the two lens e510 setup seems like a lot of bang for the buck at under $700. Pentax K10D is another possibility. Another criteria is that I tend to like more non-mainstream things in life, so a Canon dslr probably isn't going to bond with me. Yeah...I'm whack.

12th February 2008, 20:29
Not that I have the experience to give any advice, but since I have no glass I've been looking a lot at what to get. After lots of reading and playing with things in stores I've come to really like Olympus. The lenses seem excellent and the fast ones seem better fully open then some other brands. I'd love to see some more reviews. The dust buster is a big deal for me too. I like the fact their high end cameras use the same lenses without changing the focal length and are within my price range if I decide to go for them. I like the fact they are weather proof. Not sure I'd use that often, but it could be useful when traveling. Great wide angle lenses are something I'm interested in and it seems like I would need to go FF to get one on Nikon/Canon. I hope their upcoming WA lens delivers. The smaller telephotos and larger DOF appeals to me too.

Pentax was my other choice for the primes. After thinking about it though, I'd really rather get a rangefinder even if it's a huge chunk of change. I've been lusting after one since I learned about them. The fact they are quiet, smallish and good low light performance are big bonuses for me.

The only thing that has kept me from buying an Olympus yet is debating if I should save a bit more and just get the Leica first.

I'm curious to see what people recommend. I have a feeling we are looking for similar solutions. We even share a dislike for mainstream solutions, even if there may not be a logical reason for it. (^_^)

12th February 2008, 22:44
Decisions, decisions! I'm using the L1 with the kit lens and the 25/1.4, occasionally the R 35-70/ f4 ROM. I"m tempted by the E-3 now that the firmware allows IS with non- 4/3 lenses.
However - I"m going to (with difficulty) curb my impatience until later this year (Photokina) to see what Leica do. In this thread (http://forum.getdpi.com/forum/showthread.php?t=658) Riley reminded me of what might be happening, so as far as I am concerned my 4/3 equipment is on hold.
The other thing that is rumoured (Guy - any more info on this and Leica + 4.3??) is another less costly digital rangefinder from Leica - the mysterious camera 'X' referred to by Kauffman, possibly using M lenses.

Anyway - I've just got myself an M4-2 and an Ultron 50mm to play around with in the meantime!

All-in-all I suppose my advice is hold on for a bit!!

Jorgen Udvang
13th February 2008, 00:06
I would have been drawn between two choices: Olympus with zooms, E-510 with 12-60 plus 70-300 or E-3 with 12-60 plus 50-200, depending on budget and what I would like to carry.

The other alternative would be a Pentax with primes. They have so many to choose from, but 21 + 43 + 70 looks like a great combination, and probably the 15 when it's released.

I'm using Olympus and Nikon now, but when I have enough Olympus gear for most of my needs, I'll probably sell the Nikkors and buy a Pentax instead. Nothing wrong with Nikon, except when I'm traveling, and I do that all the time. When it comes to reach and speed, the Zuiko 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 (1 kilo) can replace both the Nikkor 80-200 and the 300 f/4 (3 kilos).

Jonathon Delacour
14th February 2008, 01:11
The other thing that is rumoured... is another less costly digital rangefinder from Leica - the mysterious camera 'X' referred to by Kauffman, possibly using M lenses.

Another rumor -- which appears to be growing steadily stronger -- concerns a less costly (than the M8) digital rangefinder from Nikon, with an M mount. So for me it's a matter of curbing my impatience until Photokina to see what Nikon do.

15th February 2008, 18:43
well, I think I've narrowed down to two. Things got a little complicated because my D70 developed the "hot pixel" problem, so I can either sell it for about $200 as-is, or send it off to Nikon for a sensor replacement (about $300, on my dime). Either way, my budget has taken some hits recently. You don't want to know how much the transmission rebuild was for my track car :(

Anywho, I seem to have gravitated down to either an e510 or Pentax K10d. I feel like I'm leaning more towards the Pentax, in part due to the weatherproof construction, larger sensor, and the ability to get really good used prime lenses for reasonbly cheap prices. The K10d seems like a killer deal at $800 with the kit lens. The K20d/K200d are coming out in a few months so the K10d has been discounted pretty heavily.

The E3 is nice, but way out of my budget at the moment. Any compelling reasons to go e510 instead?