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Thread: Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography

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    Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography

    Anyone out there using a T/S lens for jewelry photography??

    Any suggestions re. 45 mm vs. 90 mm?? Is the 24 mm T/S too wide????

    Any tips on using the T/S feature???

    Any tips to get even illumination without undue reflections (I am using a light cube lit by 2 cold fluorescent lights).

    Is color matching required (with color chart)???



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    Re: Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography

    I can't say anything about using a TS for jewelry photography but many prefer the 90 for product shooting. I have a 45--rented a 24 for several weeks before buying the 45--I would think the 24 would be too wide.

    There are lots of tips out there for using a TS--here's a good one to get started

    Here's an old one by our own Jack

    This is also a helpful aid.


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    Re: Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography

    The 24 is way too wide for jewelry. The 90 is probably the way to go. You might want to do a little testing on your own to determine what focal length will work best for you - do you have a zoom lens that covers the various focal lengths, such as the 24-105mm zoom? Take some test shots of some jewelry at the various focal lengths you are considering, I think you'll know pretty quickly what focal length you'll need.

    Here is a link to an article regarding TS lenses:

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    Re: Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography

    I used the 90 for a shoot some years back and it worked great. I had the 45 at the time too, an it was useful for larger groupings. IMO the 24 is too wide. Note that the 2x converter works very well in conjunction with the 90, so it gives you a 180 TS that hits almost 1:1 magnification

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    Re: Canon T/S Lens for Jewelry Photography


    I routinely shoot my daughter's jewelry with the 90 T/S. I had the 185L, and liked the working distance, but could not get enough DOF. Rings and earrings don't require much DOF, but necklaces and particularly bracelets do.

    For rings and other small stuff, I add the 1.4 extender to the 90, which gets me close enough. You might consider renting one to see how it works for you. But I really don't think you'll find a better lens for this application.


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