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Thread: Central Alaska in winter

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    Central Alaska in winter

    I'm going to be headed to Anchorage at the end of November. Probably not the ideal time of year for tourism but nevertheless I'd like to seek out some nice photo opportunities. Mainly landscapes or other wide angle compositions. Willing to bundle up and trek.

    Where can I go including surrounding areas (Kenai, Kodiak, Homer?) I should be able to take a few days to drive/fly to one additional destination outside Anchorage if it's worth it.

    I've considered Matanuska glacier or Denali as potential already too, although it's ambiguous as to weather Denali will be accessible at that time.

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    Re: Central Alaska in winter

    Try a message to:

    He lives in Alaska and will be able to give so advice.

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    Re: Central Alaska in winter

    Hi Tyler,

    I just read your PM and will respond in greater detail in a reply PM. Thanks to Bob for suggesting you contact me, since I don't often check the Destinations and Hot Spots sub-forum.

    There is no snow here at the lower elevations in Anchorage yet, but lots of snow up in the mountains. I would be very surprised if we don't have snow at the lower elevations by the time you arrive later this month.

    I will send you a PM with some suggestions today and if you have time while visiting Anchorage, I would be happy to meet up with you to discuss some of the places to see. Matanuska Glacier is certainly a terrific place, although I've never hiked out onto the glacier in the winter.

    One of my favorite locations is Bird Point on Turnagain Arm, which is about 30 miles south of Anchorage, near Girdwood. The tidal mud formations and scenery is constantly changing there, both with the seasons and the time of day.


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