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Thread: Photography and Privacy Law in Italy

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    Photography and Privacy Law in Italy

    Over time I've been photographing people mostly unaware on the street. At this point it's second nature for me to photograph whatever I find interesting and if the subject rather I didn't... I'll apologize after the fact (if at all).

    But then I remembered that Britain and France have these privacy laws against photographing random people without their permission.

    What's the situation in Italy?

    I understand the practical matters, that whether there is a law or not, if you are an intrusive jerk you may get punched or worse. But, with moderate discretion and common sense, how is doing street photography there?

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    Re: Photography and Privacy Law in Italy

    My most recent experience has been in Venice ....everyone has a camera and other than some people being shy ...never had a single objection . Generally if you are discrete and keep moving will not run into anything .

    Publishing is another story ...if you ever plan to make a book or maybe even exhibit you work need a signed release . A friend of mine had 6 years worth of work in Venice (all B&W TRI X) and could not find anyone willing to even look at his work without releases .

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    Re: Photography and Privacy Law in Italy

    Here's an ASMP link describing this topic...

    Look at the work of Fan Ho to be inspired.

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