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Thread: Late in

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    Late in

    Well, I've come in late to the party and picked up an X100 on the weekend. I am finding it largish (acceptable seeing how its APS-C), being used to LX3/GRD and my GF1. Operationally I've studied its controls for a few minutes and its become second nature to use very quick. I am surprised how easy to dial in exp comp or use the levers and controls without removing from eye level. I do wonder if sharpness of my images may improve with my head now being able to steady the camera.

    The x100 sure is quiet!

    Any tips for a newbie?

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    Re: Late in


    Welcome to the X100 world. Just enjoy would be my initial tip!

    Beyond that, some good stuff here:

    Be sure to show us some pics once you have settled into it.


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