I bought a Sabrent USB3 drive case from my local Fry's. It is the model for small, 2.5" drive that has the cable built into the case with a tuck-away groove for storage. It's black, and is also a "no-screws" enclosure, really easy to pop drives in and out. Anyway, tt claims to be backwards compatible with USB2, but also claims that it works on PC's, with no mention of Mac. Well, I have a Mac and decided to try it anyway and return it if it didn't. I can confirm it doesn't work on a Mac and I only have Macs in my house, so I was going to return it. But I also have a new puppy and she chewed the corner off the box, so I now have a portable drive case I cannot use or return.

If anybody wants it, you can have it for $15, but you take it "as-is," chewed box and all.