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Thread: FS: 5x7 large format gear (UAE/UK)

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    FS: 5x7 large format gear (UAE/UK)

    Hi all -

    With regret, I have decided to sell my large format film gear that was only purchased in April of last year. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to get any 5x7 film developed here in Dubai, and with my recent MF purchases, I can't see this getting the use it deserves in the future.

    What I have is the following:

    Walker Titan 5x7 XL - Walker Cameras | WALKER TITAN XL 5x7

    Schneider Super Angulon XL 72mm - Walker Cameras | Schneider 72mm - f5.6 Super Angulon XL

    Schneider Center Filter IVb for 72mm XL - Walker Cameras | Schneider Centre Filter IVb

    Schneider APO Symmar L 210mm - Walker Cameras | Schneider 210mm - f5.6 APO Symmar L

    Canham 6x17cm motorized film holder -
    Walker Cameras | Canham 6x17cm motorised roll-film holder

    (this mounts directly on the 5x7 XL so that you can shoot 6x17.

    Quantity of 6 Fidelity 5x7 film holders - Walker Cameras | Genuine Fidelity Cut-film holders

    All kit is in near-mint condition. I've probably not shot more than 30 sheets of 5x7 and half a dozen rolls of 120 with it.

    Total current list price for the above items (excluding VAT) is GBP5611. I am looking to sell as a package for GBP4000.

    I will be in London from Thursday 23rd August for a week, and would be looking for a face to face deal.

    Highly unlikely, but if there is anyone in Dubai or Riyadh who is interested, then deals can be done there also (but obviously on different dates)!

    Kind regards,


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    Re: FS: 5x7 large format gear (UAE/UK)

    I dug out some Velvia 5x7's that I'd shot with this. One look at them and I've changed my mind and am going to hang onto everything for the day when I move somewhere and can get the film developed.

    Good thing really, since there was zero interest in it

    Sale withdrawn

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