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Thread: Heads up- 35 FLE for sale at local dealer

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    Heads up- 35 FLE for sale at local dealer

    Just an FYI that my local camera store, Glazers Camera, 206-624-1100, has a LNIB (but used) 35 Summilux FLE up for sale for around $'s a new lens, for all intents and purposes. I have one, but figured I'd pass along the info.

    Ask for Dante or Mark, and drop my name if you wish (or not, if you wish not to )....I get nothing in return, but I am a loyal customer of theirs, and Dante and Mark are great amabassadors of all things Leica...

    Ashwin Rao
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    Re: Heads up- 35 FLE for sale at local dealer

    for Mark & Dante. Great folks there at Glazers.
    Remember: adventure before dementia!

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