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  • Ashwin,

    Against my better judgment. If still available, I'll take the whole shebang. Let me know where to send a check... I'll be sending it via FedEx and will request a signature. Please communicate via email: "[email protected]" I have some feedback here as well as a fair amount on FM forums under Username e6zion.

    Ash, didn't I see some pictures of yours from the Big Four Ice Caves recently? If so, I wanted to ask you, have they rebuilt the bridge across the river (near the base, shortly after you get past the boardwalks through the swampy area)?

    If the caregiver shows up and my mother-in-law is OK to leave with her for a few hours, I might just want to persuade my wife to escape there this weekend. I'm sure the caves haven't formed yet, but it's still a beautiful and not-to-difficult warm-up hike for a couple of fifty-somethings who haven't seen enough of the light of day recently. :)

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