I have a silver wide conversion lens for the X100 series. I purchased it from a UK seller on ebay earlier this year. It was in excellent condition then and still is now. Myself and the original owner have only used it a few times.

It comes with the original box, end caps etc. There are no marks, scratches etc on the lens - I take care of my kit!

My only reason for selling is that I want to take advantage of the current offer on the X100T for the free conversion lens and I won't need two WCLs! I could probably get a bit more money if I sold the brand new one when I get it but I'd rather see if anyone wants this one now before I buy the X100T and you, hopefully, also get a bargain!

So, I am selling just to recover my costs and for RMSD within the UK:


I am based in Devon, if you wish to visit.

If you are interested please send me a PM.