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Thread: Mamiya RZ lenses

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    Mamiya RZ lenses

    I have seen some chatter about Mamiya RZ lenses about their great performance and... they are very affordable. Can someone elaborate on this line up, what to look for etc. Are these auto focus lenses? Do they run the whole gamut of wide to tight?

    Thank You


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    Re: Mamiya RZ lenses

    Many years ago I had a 140mm macro for the RB67—absolutely superb! Other lenses owned at the time (50 and 90) were less impressive. On one occasion I borrowed a Rollei SL66 with its standard 80mm lens for a location shoot at a local takeaway restaurant (using the tilt for front-to-back sharpness over a large platter of seafood). Comparing 11" x 14" Duratrans transparencies from both the SL66 and the RB67, the Rollei prints were clearly superior, with a crispness and micro-contrast not seen with the RB; remembering that the RB negatives were just about twice the area when cropped for the 11" x 14"s, that was quite an accomplishment!

    I understand that Mamiya put some effort into improving lenses for the RZ, particularly the [previously] dodgy 50. And I still use M645 lenses with an Aptus back—some of them are excellent.
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    Re: Mamiya RZ lenses

    This might help.,d.cWw

    And no, they are all manual focus as are the RZ cameras.

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