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  • Ian, I just received this message which is dated 2010! Go figure. Not sure you still care about the r66 pano but you can of course reference it. Don't give up on Route 66, west of ok city there is a ton to shoot. I have it on my todo as well.

    Where r u in S Au? I spent a month there in 2010, photographers dream.

    Merry Christmas!
    Hi Ian,

    I was just going through my stuff and came across your message - sorry I hadn't noticed it before!

    I am not sure how precisely I can answer your question because I rarely shoot at wide apertures (my style is most about getting wider depth of field). I can certainly shoot some test shots with this lens wide open once I get the camera back from service, which I'd be delighted to do.

    Assuming that my response is positive, what were you thinking of doing? Getting some sort of adaptor to use a P67 105 f2.4 on your camera?

    All the best,

    Ed in NSW
    Sorry Max

    Have only just seen your message.

    Funny thing about the Aptus battery is that it seems to help stabilise the camera because I curl a finger (left hand) around it when shooting hand-held, which is most of the time: I have two dainty little Gitzo tripods which are designed to carry 2Kg max, while my ancient Manfrotto 144 needs some leg screws which I have been trying to get for 18 months or so. Don't want to buy a new tripod but there are some nice carbon ones out there (Gitzos are basalt fibre, very trick!)

    On noise I find 400 unacceptable while 200 is not bad at all and quite useable, that is with C1 processing; as I scroll an image on my 3Ghz iMac the image [before it's redrawn] can be pretty chunky. What do you use for image processing? If you haven't tried C1, download immediately! Amazing noise handling ...
    Hi Ian,

    I guess it doesn't make any difference using either the leaf or the zd regarding their noise behavior. If I'm shooting ISO 400 I do know that I'm sacrificing colours and will sooner or later convert the files to black & white. They both got their pros and cons. What I don't like about the aptus is the way the battery is locked into place. Nevertheless I would definitely prefer any leaf aptus over my crappy zd back. AAh, I shouldn't have spent all that service pay so lightheartedly... ;)
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