This is at my local dealer, and the entire kit is in mint shape. It is a Sinar P2 (black) 4x5 camera, with standard rail, 18" and 6" extension rails, intermediate standard, 2 regular bellows and one bag bellows, Sinar DB shutter front standard, meter 4x5 back rear standard, and also includes a binocular reflex finder, Polaroid holder and all the special DB shutter cables. The 5 lenses are all Sinarons in DB mounts; a 90/4.5, 135, 150, 210 and 300. The entire kit fits in a custom Sinar rolling hard case. They will not break this it up. Contact me for details if interested. Note this is a big and heavy kit, designed for studio use, but priced very attractively I think -- they are asking $4000.