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Thread: Using Droplets with C1

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    Using Droplets with C1

    One thing I've always like about LR is the ability to export a file and apply a PS droplet. For example, most of my images for the web I put a grey border around by exporting from LR, and automatically applying a droplet to resize the image (using my modified versions of getDPI web actions as the basis) and then create the border.

    Now that I'm doing more and more of my processing via C1, I found I can do pretty much the same thing by just creating a process recipe which opens the image using the photoshop droplet as the application. Droplets can be very powerful and useful, so thought I'd pass this on. I know many of you might be using a PS action to prep your web images with borders and graphics, and maybe watermarks. The watermark here is done with C1, all images resizing, sharpening, and the border graphics are done via a PS droplet.

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    Re: Using Droplets with C1

    Great comment Wayne, and excellent image!

    Feel free to write a small tutorial on how to create and utilize CS droplets and post it here for our readers!

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