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Thread: What a difference Xeon makes

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    What a difference Xeon makes

    After I upgraded to a p65+ my PC has been struggling to keep it. It takes up to 20 seconds to export a file into silverfox. So I finally decided to upgrade my rig.

    Bought 2 Xeon 2.7G on the cheap on ebay, under 1000 for both, 64G of 1600mhz ram, 300, GTX580, 250, and OCZ Vertex 4 512gb. kept the budget around 1500 and what a different did it make! Now opening and editing large files are a breeze, what took 20 seconds now takes less than 2.

    Out of all the hardware I believe the Xeons made the biggest different. The 16 core set up with their massive cache handles Photoshop like cake. A worthy and affordable upgrade for any PC user

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    Re: What a difference Xeon makes

    PM sent regarding your set-up.

    Dave (D&A)

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