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  • ALPA adapter HAA - how much do you want for this? and how much is shipping to Australia? Thanks
    Don't suppose you're still looking to trade a dp2m for a dp1m are you?
    regarding: ... into the dark
    Yes i used a textured layer but this is not not the only think to achieve that look. The first is a basic B&W conversion i did which is done in LR with my own BW preset and imported into CS. After that some curves, level and all that stuff. I even used USM 15/85/0 to enhance the micro contrast to get even more contrast. In the end i added the texture in Normal blend mode, masked the face and parts of the body and reduced the opacity of that layer a bit to give the underlying structures a chance to look thru a bit.
    Hi there,

    If you really want to move it...what's the absolute lowest you'd be happy selling this at? (Pretend the bargaining/negotiating etc had already happened...)

    I ask because I just bough Bob (from this forum's) df and 80mm a few days back, but I'm trying to find a back to go with it.

    I'm planning to get an IQ180 from another person who's made me an offer thisnafternoon. expect to decide on this in the next day or so.

    For cost reasons, i have been considering a p65 instead or the iq180 - but only at the right price. As of today i'd decided the two p65s listed here were both a bit high in the current market, so am about to discuss the iq180 further.

    If you want to throw me your best offer - for the back alone - feel free. You can comsider it a non-binding theoretical price for further dicussion if you like. It would really just be there so I could decide to put my IQ180 plans on hold - or not, as the case may be.

    Best wishes,

    No, sorry. I'm in NYC. bought the camera through precision though since they were the only one having it in stock
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