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    Money is paid, Leica S2 70mm 2.5
    Thank you
    Hi anGy, I am interested in your 32HR lens - tried to respond through the add page - but couldn't make that work - could you email me [email protected] (I am a forum member malmac is my posting name). I have a Cambo camera and an IQ180 - sold the SK35xl lens I had and I have been looking around for either a HR32 or HR40 lens.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Rafael,
    Talking thru a US forum to a guy living 15km from here, nice !
    I purchased it in Germany - Audiophil Foto (so I don't have to pay the VAT as I have a VAT n#).
    But I suppose you know PCH in Brussels of course ? !
    The A7r is a strange little beast, don't like the 'all electronic' thing but have to acknowledge it's very useful - and the files are just waouwww.
    All the best

    héhé, it's good to find an almost neighbor on getDPI !
    where did you get your A7r from ?

    C U
    Rafael from La Hulpe
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